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Subscriptions vs Maintenance plan - what's the difference?

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Subscriptions vs Maintenance plan - what's the difference?

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Subscriptions vs Maintenance plan - what's the difference?

Subscriptions vs Maintenance Plan - an explanation

For years, Autodesk have sold a 'subscription' to customers who have purchased perpetual (owned) licences. This gave them rights to all upgrades released during the subscription term plus various other benefits, including installation on a second computer (the 'home use' policy), access to previous versions, online storage, technical assistance, etc.

As of February 2017, Autodesk changed the name of 'subscriptions' to 'Maintenance Plan Contracts'. This is purely a name change - the benefits / entitlements remain exactly the same as before. The only difference that was introduced was that Autodesk removed the 'grace period' to renew a Maintenance Plan contract - if these are now not renewed prior to their expiry date, they cannot be renewed at all! This is an important change that we inform customers about, as their contracts come around for renewal.

To confuse matters, Autodesk now call rental licences 'Subscriptions', whilst network rental licences are now known as 'Mult-User Subscriptions'. A subscription gives you the right to use the software during the term selected and to benefit from all of the same entitlements as with Maintenance Plan contracts. All 'subscription' licences now automatically have access to telephone technical support with Autodesk themselves, where this is not provided to customers still on maintainence plan.

Full details of your entitlements, either from Maintenance Plan or Subscription, are shown below:

Product upgrades: You will be eligible to receive any upgrades that become available for the products under subscription during the term of your contract. An upgrade is a commercial release of the software that enhances the software and for which Autodesk normally charge a fee.

Product extensions: Product extensions are modular enhancements to some Autodesk software, they provide new functionality, are fully compatible with the base product and are easy to learn. Extensions are exclusively available to subscription customers. They can be downloaded from the Subscription Centre.

The right to use previous versions: This is a unique legal entitlement reserved exclusively for Subscription customers. You will be legally entitled to continue using previous software versions, even after installing an upgrade of those products. The standard entitlement is three (3) versions back.

The right to install the software at home: Autodesk Subscription customers have an exclusive ‘Home Use’ right. This means that as the licensee of the software you may install a second copy of the software at another location away from your usual office or place of work. ‘Second location’ includes computers located at your employees’ homes, or on your employees’ personal computers. This Home Use right is only valid for as long as the software in question is under subscription, and is valid only for the number of licenses covered by your subscription contract. In certain situations, a subscirption is mandatory to benefit from this policy.

e-Learning: e-Learning features self-paced, interactive lessons for some Autodesk products. Every registered member of the Subscription Centre has access to the e-Learning facility that is available under their contact terms. Each lesson is 15-20 minutes in length. Lessons are organised in product catalogues. Each catalogue contains 15-20 lessons and new lessons are added periodically. The lessons feature hands-on exercises, with an option to utilise a simulation instead of the software application. Users also have the ability to take a pre-test to identify skills gaps. A post-test can help users gauge their progress.

Web support: Web support provides access to a secure website where customers can submit technical questions to Autodesk support staff through an interactive online interface. Questions are routed to Autodesk Technicians who provides responses through the web and email. The website includes incident reporting and tracking tools to monitor the status of all questions asked by the customer’s organisation and all responses provided by Autodesk. Autodesk Technicians endeavour to respond within 4 hours of receipt.

Autodesk Account The Subscription Centre has also changed its name, now known as your Autodesk Account, this is a password-protected online application where members access program benefits, downloads, exclusive community content (including industry white papers) and subscription administration where you can view your subscription coverage reports and maintain your contact information.

Exclusive community resources: As an Autodesk Subscription customer, you gain access to community resources and exclusive, subscriber-only privileges. These includes: early access to new technology, invitation-only webcasts, and preferred subscriber status at Autodesk University and other worldwide corporate events.

If you require further information or advice, please CLICK HERE to send us an e-mail or telephone us directly on 01992-807419.

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Subscriptions vs Maintenance plan - what's the difference?

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