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Maintenance Plan 'Switch' - information

Autodesk have announced plans to allow customers to 'switch' from a Maintenance Plan on a perpetual (owned) licence to a Subscription (rental) licence, effective from June this year. Although they have already sent out information, we are aware that they have already made changes - we expect more to be announced and will update this page accordingly. The information we currently have is shown below and in the attached .pdf document.

1: As of June this year, anyone with a maintenance plan can consider a switch to a subscription plan, but only at the time of their renewal. You cannot switch part way through a maintenance plan contract. We will therefore offer you quotations on both renewal and switching your contract at the time of your renewal.

2: The cost was being advertised as being '60% off / 55% off / 50% off' the normal cost of a subscription. This has now changed to being the same cost as the maintenance plan renewal costs at the time of your renewal. As an example, if it costs £1,075.00 to renew a Building Design Suite Premium maintenance plan, it should cost £1,075.00 to 'switch' to an AEC Industry Collection. This price will then be held for the next three renewals, either by paying for a three year renewal 'up front' or being offered the same renewal cost + any currency fluctuations that have been imposed over the next few renewals. So you can either pay up front for two or three years or trust that the exchange rates on the Dollar / Euro / Pound don't fluctuate too much.

3: We asked what would happen in year 4 (after the 'three year hold' on your renewal costs), however all Autodesk would say is that they believe they will only be making price rises in line with inflation. The information they have provided is that '...customers will continue to receive discounted pricing for as long as they renew.'

4: You can, if you wish, 'upgrade' certain standalone products to an Industry Collection and still pay the reduced cost. If your licence is an SLM then it will switch to an SLM and if NLM, then that will switch to NLM. We have not had confirmation on pricing so we are trying to get clarity on this. Any LT product can either be switched to another LT or upgraded to an LT Suite (i.e. Revit LT Suite).

5: All Design Suites will only be able to go to an Industry Collection - these are either AEC, Product Design, or Media & Entertainment.

6: If you do switch your licences, then the maintenance plans keep running until their expiry date and the new subscription contract will begin the following day.

7: Please note: Autodesk require 7 working days to complete a 'switch' from maintenance plan.

Autodesk will provide us with further information over the next few weeks and, as always, we will explain the options available to our customers, once their maintenance plan contract is eligible for renewal / switch. If you are not a customer but would like tto benefit from our expertise, please contact Mike Price on 01992 807419.

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